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Fun ideas for children’s bedrooms

How can you incorporate fun elements into your child’s bedroom? Read on for great ideas.


No you eyes are not deceiving you, why not have a fun pine drawer handle in the shape of a slice of watermelon or a pine doughnut shaped wall hook. However, if you want to encourage you child to eat healthily, it might be a good idea to avoid the doughnut wall hook. Obviously these are not edible and are made of pine, so let your children know they must not eat/bite/suck them! These may be more suited to older children who realise  it isn’t real food and won’t be tempted to put their mouth’s on them.



Comic Wall Art

Inline image 1

Wall Art is always a fun easy non- permanent way of livening up an otherwise blank wall. Paintings, sketches or screen-prints are a good way of adding more interest to a room.

Recently on my visit to Top Drawer, London’s quality event for creative retailers,  I spoke to screenprinter John Patrick Reynolds. As you can see from his stand, he has an excellent selection of Comic Wall Art screen-prints that will please children and parents alike. John does screenprints of comic characters from Dennis the Menace, Popeye, Minnie the Minx to Asterix and Obelix.

Personal Library



Why not add a book shelf and display the books in an appealing way, which would encourage your child to have a love of books.  Let your imagination run wild in creating your child’s fun space but remember to keep safety firmly in mind in your design.

That’s all for now folks! (Sorry, I’ve been wanting to write that for ages)

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PB Children’s Interiors: Nursery and bedroom trends for 2016

dreamstimeextralarge_46012919My top 4 tips for Children’s Interiors trends for 2016

First things first, it’s your child’s space that you and your child have to live with, so choose first and foremost the things that delight you both, whether you like Glam, Skandi, traditional or any other style.

Beds: Children’s upholstered beds are growing in popularity. In addition to the mainstay popularity of the vintage themed Iron beds, the traditional four poster beds which can be dressed up to look contemporary is also a growing trend. Last but  not least the elegant sleigh beds continue to appeal to children and parents alike.

Playrooms: Contemporary teepees are in many a playroom and I see this as an continuing trend in 2016.

Decorations: Bunting looks set to be a popular trend in 2016 and there are many charming offerings available. Bunting can also help to soften the look of a plain wall without much expense or decorating. Stripes can be a great choice for bold personalities, try incorporating the stripe theme in the space with overpowering it.

Children’s seating: Traditionally made chairs, stools and pouffes in Natural fabrics upholstered in a contemporary style look set to be a trend in 2016. Bluebell Lane Kids ( for 2016 are introducing a range of children’s upholstered furniture made with real hardwood and natural fabrics and fillings upholstered in hand chosen, comfortable stylish fabrics.

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How to create an elegant princess theme bedroom or nursery


Guide to a princess themed bedroom

Many little girls dream of being a little princess and of having a princess bedroom. When you imagine a princess themed room you may be thinking of tacky plastic looking bedroom or a bedroom that quickly dates. This begs the question,  how can you create a elegant princess themed bedroom or nursery? Read on for a handy design guide.

Decide on paint colour or wallpaper choice, soft pastel colours are good, if possible try and avoid jarring colours like bright pinks, aim for pale pinks, blues or lavender, alternatively you could consider a mural on one of the walls.

Decide on the bed, some options you could consider are sleigh beds or four poster beds with canopies or coronas, making sure any item you choose is safe and meets relevant safety and legal requirements.

Clarify which furniture you want in the room such as an armoire and chest of drawers checking the items will fit in the space, also try and co-ordinate to the right degree for your space and taste. Furniture in the Louis XV style would complement a princess themed bedroom.

Choose complimentary  bedding, including valances, duvet sets, bedspreads, etc. Full length soft flowing pastel curtains are popular window treatments. Aim to use complimentary, co-ordinating colours in your design, tying in the bedding colours chosen to other colours in the room.

Rugs are a popular choice for floor covering especially as children’s tastes change. Sheepskin rugs are a popular choice. Research lighting choices such as chandeliers, lamps and spotlights.

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Using Pattern to add depth and interest to your child’s nursery


Artwork from

Play with Pattern!

So how do you use pattern to brighten up your child’s space without it becoming overwhelming?

To create an aesthetically inspiring room, try using stripes, shapes, florals or geometric patterns in the nursery. Patterns add more depth and interest to a space. Some people may find pattern scary, but by using these simple steps you can create your child’s treasured space:

Assess the space

1. First study the room for its features, does it have a low ceiling or are there any architectural patterns in the room from the period of the property?

Scale and Balance

2. Carefully choose the scale and strength of any pattern chosen. If you use lots of large patterns in a small room it can overpower the space.

Deciding on a lead pattern

3.  Generally the colours you choose should beautifully harmonize and not clash.

Scale Variation

4. It’s good to use a minimum of three patterns that range in scale from small to large. If you like floral prints for example, you could use tiny floral patterns like millefleurs, medium sized and large like Toile de Jouy.


You can use pattern throughout your child’s room through the use of bedding including sheets, duvets, pillows, throws and cushions to Rugs, window treatments and seating. 





Creating a gallery wall for your child’s nursery or bedroom


Artwork by Beatrice Adjayi

Transform a blank wall into a space filled with style and personality by the use of a gallery wall. Gather together artwork , photos and other hanging objects preferably of the same colour palette, however it’s your child’s space so ultimately choose items which make them happy.

Start with the largest piece of artwork as a focal piece and then build the rest of the gallery wall around it. Remember balance and symmetry  are important for creating a visually pleasing gallery wall. Also an important point to consider is adequate lighting.

Tip: Use a Spirit level to ensure your artwork is straight and consider building the gallery wall around a piece of furniture.


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Ideas for designing a twins bedroom

dreamstimeextralarge_48310445It’s said with twins that you have double the giggles and grins, but how are you going to design your twins bedroom, now that they have outgrown the nursery? Most parents will want their twins room to inspire them as they grow,play and learn. Here are some points to consider when thinking about the room layout:

Timeless furniture

Children’s taste change so quickly, one minute their bedroom is cute, but before you know it, it looks outdated. If you are going to purchase furniture, consider choosing pieces that you would be happy keeping for years to come.

Multi-functional furniture

A piece of furniture that provides extra storage space can be very useful. When buying a bed, consider your storage options. You may want to buy a bed with combined storage space or you may want to arrange your own storage system under it. Remember, with twins you will probably be buying two of everything so keep account of the space available.


It’s good to incorporate a place to play and relax in your twins bedroom.  Perhaps you could also create a reading corner with somewhere comfortable for your twins to sit and read with a place to display their books.  Perhaps introducing a beautifully soft boldly coloured rug and large cushions, great for rainy afternoons.

Eco friendly paint idea

There are a colourful array of paints to choose from. If you do decide to paint, try and use Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) free paint. Check the paint tin label for the ingredients in the paint. has many  twins room ideas, be sure to check out my twins and multiples boards on Pinterest.

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Tips on designing your child’s bedroom

dreamstime_xl_34506530So you’ve decided to design your son or daughter’s room, but are wondering where to start. In this article, I will bring to you tips on how to create a coordinated inspired child’s bedroom using your own individual style and preferences.

First things first

Start with something you really like, that can be the inspiration for the room. Perhaps you want an elegant yet playful room but are unsure how to have a harmonious feel. Why not find something you absolutely love, for instance you may have a favourite cushion that inspires you. Perhaps it’s because you love the warm colours and textures on it or because of its serene shades. Then try and incorporate the colours into your room, perhaps into the wall colour, flooring, fabrics or features. If you have wooden flooring your could introduce a rug in one of your colours and tie it in with a chandelier. I’d love to see your pics, so please send them in!

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Feature walls for children’s rooms are child’s play

cloud shelfMany of us parents really enjoy designing and decorating our children’s rooms. What type of bed should we get? What type of window treatments will we choose and what about the decor? Pink or blue or gender neutral? Questions, questions, questions…Whatever you eventually decide on, remember you can give the space pops of colour by using coloured picture frames or display shelves. Fun and creativity is the name of the game!

cloud shelf sun

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Children’s shared bedrooms – Decor ideas  

Let’s face it, it isn’t possible for children always to have their own room, so here are some decor ideas to help them personalise their space.

dreamstime_xl_28023929sharedbedroom    COLOUR

Why not be brave with colour, perhaps having a feature wall. A feature wall is a great way to experiment with bold patterns or colours. However, be sure to highlight the right wall, with something on it you want to highlight, perhaps a painting or furniture. You could also consider a hand painted mural to create an inspired space. Another tip is to have bedding in the same pattern but a different colour for each of the children’s beds, with gives their area individuality.


Encourage your children’s artistic flair by having them create art for their own bedroom. You could then frame their work and highlight with a mantel light, track light or recessed light. Having their own painting or drawings on display will encourage them to value art , after all as Pablo Picasso famously said ” every child is an artist”.

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